In order to have an efficient packing experience that is free of problems, you need to pack like a pro and avoid the common mistakes people do.


You can find Cheap and great moving company in Newport Beach ; study them to find out items that they will not accept to move because they are irreplaceable, perishable or dangerous.


There are a lot of good reasons why they won't agree to move these stuff and most of them have to do with safety.


As you might already know, reputable moving companies maintain high safety standards ensuring that people and items are very safe in the course of the household move.


If they transport dangerous items it can damage other items that are in the moving truck and can even damage the truck as well. It also is a health risk to those that are directly involved with the moving.


It is also a danger to the environment. There are also perishable things like food, plants and even pets that might not make it through the complete relocation process.

Before you start packing; to save yourself time and energy, you should contact the moving company to get the list of the things they don't allow. The law also prevents the moving companies from conveying those banned items.


Hazardous Household Items


You should avoid packing dangerous items for two rationales:


Moving companies will refuse to convey them.


For the same ground, you should avoid moving it yourself too.


It is a risk to your own health and also to the people with you.


Here is a list of some of the restricted hazardous items that moving companies will not convey:


Guns and bullets Black powder Explosives Kerosene and Gas Fuel products Garden equipment having fuel Engine oil Antiseptics Insecticides, compost, weed killers Lighter fluids Contagions Spray cans Deodorizers Charcoal Fire extinguishers Batteries Alcohol and much more.

Perishable Foods These foods will likely get spoilt or develop odours before they get to their destination. They can also invite insects that will end up making a mess of the truck. Endeavor to finish up your food before your moving date or give it to your neighbours. Some moving companies, however, might agree to take canned foods if they are reasonably safe for long distance moving.

You should, however, inform them on-time, so that they know the kind of non-perishable foods you plan to move to avoid any mix-up in the dying minute. If you are moving stuff yourself and for a short distance you can still transport some of the foods.

Plants Plants normally will not survive a long journey because the conditions inside the truck are not favourable to them. The temperature inside can get up to threatening values very fast.

The legislation prohibits moving companies to carry plants at a distance over 150 miles. There is the risk that certain parasites from plants are being conveyed to a new location in the country. If it is a short moving trip, you have the option of carrying some of your plants in your private car.

One good tip that will help you as you move to your new residence is to protect them from threatening temperatures and not expose them directly to sunlight. Domestic Animals Moving pets over long distances are seen as reckless as it puts their life in danger. Moving companies will not even agree to a short distance. The circumstance involved in having them in a truck is very terrible. Hence, you have to find another means to move your pets to your new residence.

There are possibly three ways you can actually do this: Carry them in your car with you. This is the most advisable, as you get to have the pet close to you as you move. Your very presence makes the pet calm and reduces their stress. A veterinarian should also attend to your pet before you start moving.

You might also want to use a good container for transporting pets. Fly with them on the plane. Reach out to the airways beforehand to know their exact requirements for having pets aboard. Use pet experts for the move. This means you trusting the professionals to do it for you.

Stuff with Strong Sentiments Attached

These are items that cannot be replaced or compensated for, peradventure there happens to be a loss or damage to it.

The owners of these items are sentimentally attached to it, and because of that moving companies would not want to take on the risk of wanting to move it. Items

That Cannot Be Replaced It is better you just do this by yourself.

Don't hand over the care of irreplaceable items to another person or organization.

These are items that have been in the family from generations to generations, maybe a collection of historical photos or a family treasure.

These are things money cannot buy and that cannot be compensated for. Be in charge of taking care of your valuables. Here are others not allowed: Individual files that contain passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. Cash Costly jewelry Family treasure Photo collections Costly electronic gadgets like laptops and phones Special artworks Money Credit/debit cards Keys Prized collections like coins and stamp Every now and then movers get confused on what to pack and what to leave out. Be sure to know what the moving company can convey and what they can't to help save time and be better prepared and organized. When you are in doubt you can always contact them.